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Household Appliances

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We have extensive experience in many industries across the globe. Our product brings the latest in technological advancement, as well as caters to respective industry trends.​ With years of experience and continuous service, we can cooperate closely with customers and achieve success in automobiles, new energy vehicles, aerospace technology, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, machining tool, 3C electronics, ships, railways, household appliances, renewable energy, etc.​ We customize all of our products for your specific industry ensuring the best return on investment for your product.



Cutting Tools

Clamping Fixture

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With more than half a century of industry experience, we understand the needs and keep up with the world trends. Provide customers with reliable process planning, efficient cutting tools, and stable clamping fixtures.
Tailor-made for your production line and provides continuous technical support and optimization services.




Automation Integration

Industry 4.0

In light of the megatrend Industry 4.0, our team can integrate a complete set of automation service solutions for processing and manufacturing.
We have been implementing solutions for the interlinking of individual manufacturing machines and cells by means of conveyors, robots and gantries and even complete automation systems for processing lines and factory halls – from loading of the rough parts to unloading of the finished parts.
Decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of machine tools of virtually any type and make have established our team’s excellent reputation as a retooling and automation integration company.


Pursue endless service quality

Committed to pre-sales and after-sales service, we take each customer and each product seriously.


Deliver cutting-edge industrial technology

Share German technical experience, apply leading German design concepts in fixture design, and pay attention to details such as appearance and ergonomics.


Create high-yield added value

Strict material selection, high-precision processing tools, and strict control of product quality create maximum benefits for customers.


Working for You

Around the Globe

The Group has branches and offices in Asia, Europe, and America. We are with you in the process of globalization.

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Introducing Our
Consultation Process

In the consultation stage of the process, we find out your needs, and the best way to help you achieve your production goals. 

Together we will evaluate and optimize your current process with the most cost effective methods. Feel free to contact us with any ideas, we are happy to discuss and share.

Introducing Our
Proposal Process

In the proposal stage of the process, we have assessed your needs and have come up with the solutions we think can best serve you.

Together, we will evaluate a spectrum of solutions to find the ones that fit your needs the most. We are dedicated to providing both tailored and packaged solutions to our clients.

Introducing Our
Discussion Process

In the discussion stage of the process, we have largely agreed on a few proposed methods of integrating SVQ fixtures with your production line.

Together we will explore details and possibilities of each proposal. It is our aim to help our clients understand all possible requirements and benefits to production so they can make the best informed decision.

Introducing Our
Quote Process

In the quote stage of the process, our experts will provide you with a quote we think is required to get the best job done.

Together we can go over any quote concerns, as a well as help conduct any due diligence. We believe in high quality from industry standards after market service.

Introducing Our
Detail Design Process

In the detailed design stage of the process, our experts will blueprint your tailor made fixture we discussed together through the initial stages.

Together we will evaluate and optimize the detail design. Focusing on functionality, operability, safety, as well as durability are the details we find paramount in any design process.

Introducing Our
Review Process

In the review stage of the process, we deep dive into the design to make sure your firm is happy with the design’s functionality and productivity.

Together we will evaluate and optimize the detail design to ensure your tailor made fixture is exactly as you want it to be.

Introducing Our
Consultation Process

In the production stage of the process, our experts will start crafting your tailored fixture. During this process, you will receive updates on how your piece is developing.

Together we will also go over machine operation procedure, machine know-how, management expertise, as well as quality control systems.

Introducing Our
Assembly Process

In the assembly stage of the process, we follow the standard operating procedures of our German counterparts in order to complete above standard quality control.

We will evaluate and conduct functionality assessments on your fixture to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Introducing Our
Installation & Optimization Process

In the installation and optimization stage of the process, our experts will assist your team in installing and running your tailor made fixture.

Together we will evaluate and optimize your new feature to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our highly experienced service teams will be on stand-by 24/7 to make working with us as seamless as possible.

We will evaluate and conduct functionality assessments on your fixture to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.